Hotel San Marco Passo San Pellegrino


Vie ferrate (Fixed-aid climbing routes)

Only for well-equipped experts

The Hotel San Marco is undoubtedly the best departure point for tackling some of the best vie ferrate in the Fassa Valley.

  • The “Bepi Zac” via ferrata, where First World War fighting took place: from the Selle Pass Refuge follow Trail Sign 637. We recommend that you visit the large number of war tunnels only if equipped with a helmet with a torch. Finally the route comes to the Forcella del Ciadin. From here it is possible to descend to the San Pellegrino Pass or continue on the second stretch of the ferrata, which is more demanding than the previous one.
  • The “Via ferrata del Gronton” in Moena - Lusia: a relatively simple route, which is equipped only for brief stretches. It requires sure-footedness and a head for heights, given the presence of stretches of “treacherous” paths without a safety cable. A word of warning: we advise you not to tackle this route in the company of children.